Lorenzo Ruzza exceeds a whopping 100000€ turnover per day with the sale of luxury watches




He has consistently innovated in the luxury watch industry to sustain & grow his position as a global leader.

Watches have long been considered a fashion statement by those who wear them. A watch reflects accuracy, beauty, and comfort, to name a few characteristics. They are often purchased solely for their cosmetic appearance, while others are purchased for technical features such as being accurate to the last second or even millisecond. This makes watches such a desirable and collectable item in the first place; secondarily, they can command high prices in certain cases. 

Lorenzo Ruzza, the founder of the well-known luxury watch brand “Ruzza Orologi,” has had a lifelong fascination with watches. Perhaps his deep passion for luxury watches has given him an advantage over his competitors. Lorenzo is a successful entrepreneur and watches dealer who buys and sells high-end timepieces. He claims, “Since I was a child, I dreamed of wearing those fantastic watches, seeing the inside and admiring the attention to detail.”

Although Lorenzo was not always completely immersed in the watch business, initially, he worked as a webmaster, designing and creating websites for online sales and customers. He was quite pleased with the web, but after some thought, he realized that he needed to commit himself to his ultimate passion, luxury watches. “By combining my online marketing expertise with my knowledge of watches, I was able to devise the best approach for acquiring watches and selling them to the right customers,” says Lorenzo.

With his commitment and dedication to the industry, he sold the first 20 watches and realized that the watch industry made him feel recognized and had immense promise. In 2017, he opened “Ruzza Orologi – La Bottega del Tempo” in downtown Milan where his best works, certified watches and other designs were shown and sold. 

Diletta Leotta, Daniele Scardina, Sciva, Ebbasta Sphere, Davide Mengacci, Nina Moric, and other well-known personalities have also visited Lorenzo and entrusted him with selecting the watch that best fits their style.

Lorenzo now sells his watches on social media and the big search engines, where he dominates the market with regular sales of over 100,000 euros. He’s also fully renovated his shop, placed a guard on duty at all times, and cut-edge security systems to protect the company and its assets. 

One of the things that distinguish him is his passion for luxury watches and his desire to have only genuine and authentic products available in the market. On his Instagram page, he has started a format in which he destroys fake watches that people carry him as part of his battle against fake watches in the market. “A watch is a gift that a person has received over time, an investment, and should not be counterfeit,” he claims.

To know more about Lorenzo and his brand, visit his website, www.ruzzaorologi.it