Could she be any cooler? Or cuter? Or more relatable? 

Acne acceptance isn’t always easy — we’ll be the first ones to admit that. But when celebrities we admire get real about their own breakouts, well, it definitely helps matters. For instance, back in October, Riverdale star Lili Reinhart posted about her cystic acne on social media, and fans went wild for the vulnerable moment. Then, this past week, Keke Palmer opened up about struggling with cystic acne as a result of PCOS and received a similar response.

Now, lo and behold, our girl Millie Bobby Brown, who took it upon herself this weekend to remind folks that she gets blemishes, too — and in a hilarious selfie to boot.

The Florence by Mills founder posted said selfie on Friday evening in a slideshow that highlights the infamous Instagram vs. reality trope. As you can see, the first and third shots showcase Brown decked out and posing in full hair and makeup, while in the second and fourth photos, she’s completely candid and barefaced. The caption reads: “love to see me from ur pov 💗.”

In the fourth photo, which is undoubtedly our favorite, the 16-year-old actor is making a funny face and wearing pink heart-shaped pimple patches on her cheek and chin. Naturally, fans were quick to leave comments like, “The last picture is the best 😂❤,” and “omg the heart acne stickers are everything.”

Sadly, Brown didn’t reveal the brand that makes her adorable heart-shaped acne stickers — however, we did a little digging and believe they could be the Truly Beauty’s Blemish Treatment Acne Heart Patches, which are sold at Ulta. Of course, there’s no way to know for sure, but the light pink patches do look quite similar to the ones Brown is wearing in her selfie.

Props to the actor for using her platform to remind people that perfection doesn’t exist — and that, yes, celebrities do in fact get pimples, too.


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