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Lorenzo Ruzza exceeds a whopping 100000€ turnover per day with the sale of luxury watches

Lorenzo Ruzza, the founder of the well-known luxury watch brand "Ruzza Orologi," has had a lifelong fascination with watches. Perhaps his deep passion for luxury watches has given him an advantage over his competitors. Lorenzo is a successful entrepreneur and watches dealer who buys and sells high-end timepieces. He claims, "Since I was a child, I dreamed of wearing those fantastic watches, seeing the inside and admiring the attention to detail."

Michael Chancellor Takes Credit Repair To TikTok

TikTok Marketing For Credit Repair Companies With TikTok being the hottest social media platform right now, I am guessing you’re looking for ways you can...

Carl Runefelt Says Bitcoin Still Differs From Gold

There have been many market experts whose predictions have been right on the mark, and Carl Runefelt is one of them. Carl is a notable public figure and keynote speaker. Carl's observational power and predictions have always been positive, and that's what has made him the most looked aftermarket expert if one wants proper guidance on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

If you’re thinking about breast or body surgery, think Dr. William Rahal

The more we dig, the more we discover individuals driven by their determination to succeed above the norm and engrain themselves as true leaders of their craft. These motivated few, propelled by their energy and an insatiable appetite for achievement and accomplishment. Dr. William Rahal is one name that comes to mind as a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in body contouring and breast augmentation.

Carly Rae Jepsen Just Dyed Her Hair the Cutest Shade of Pink

She’s just the latest celeb to hop on the biggest color trend of the summer. While staying home during the pandemic, it seemed like every celebrity...

Kaia Gerber Dyed Her Hair Pink

Less than a week after going blonde, the model DIYed this season’s most popular shade with help from stylist Guido Palau. Though Kaia Gerber just bleached...

Victoria Beckham’s White Nails Just Scream Summer

The fashion designer showed off her fresh manicure in a selfie on Instagram. Celebrities post their fresh manicures on social media all the time. Kylie Jenner, who...

Millie Bobby Brown Is the Latest Celeb to Selfie With Acne Stickers on

Could she be any cooler? Or cuter? Or more relatable?  Acne acceptance isn't always easy — we'll be the first ones to admit that. But when...

Beautyblender’s Zodiac Collection Has a Sponge for Every Sign

The famous pink makeup tool has a brand new look, and we got to check it out exclusively before anyone else.  When thinking about Beautyblender, most...